首頁 ? About SKY ? Speech By Chairman

SKY Technology Development Co., Ltd, CAS has passed more than a dozen years since transition back route, wound Ups and downs But we still don't change original intention, constantly struggle, to go on Heartfelt thanks to all move forward with our company staff users and shareholder for a long time to give the support of the company Today, we will face more fierce market competition environment and the Internet economy, in the face of new challenges, we must have a career in confidence and forge ahead of entrepreneurial passion, concise again focusing on its main business, I hope to realize the new development and span, shenyang branch instrument each employee can treat people good faith, the courage to bear, dedicated, good at learning Everyone to be first-class staff, to build first-class products, create first-class enterprise I believe that hanbell people full of passion and confidence, will create a dream Dream beyond the dream Today we shed sweat, tomorrow we share the results, I sincerely hope that the company all staff to blame to grow with the company

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